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A Prelude Sequel for Terraforming Mars, and Boba Fett Becomes Villainous

by W. Eric Martin

• Publisher FryxGames has dropped a smidgen of info on Terraforming Mars: Prelude 2, the sixth expansion for Jacob FryxeliusTerraforming Mars and one that is “coming soon to Kickstarter” courtesy of co-publisher Stronghold Games:

Terraforming Mars: Prelude 2 focuses on cross-expansion effects, prelude cards with ongoing effects and actions, and more project cards for your tableau…not to mention five new corporations.

The announcement also notes that the crowdfunding campaign will “feature a couple of other brand new TM-related items, among them a new promo pack, but also some secret new additions”.

• Elsewhere in space, Ravensburger is adding three more villains to its Star Wars Villainous game line with the August 2023 release of Star Wars Villainous: Scum and Villainy.

Only one of the three villains included in this “expandalone” game has been revealed, but that villain is Boba Fett, so that’s probably more than enough information for most interested parties…

Unrelated note: Every time I write “Boba Fett”, I first type “Boba Feet” by mistake, and I keep thinking that I should leave it and pretend that’s his name and everyone else has been mistaken about his name for more than four decades…then I realize that nothing good could come of that. (Searching for “Boba Feet” online might lead you to fetish material. You’ve been warned/advised.)


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