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A Second Update from Ravensburger on Puerto Rico 1897

by W. Eric Martin

In March 2023, I detailed production and rulebook problems in Puerto Rico 1897, a new edition of Andreas Seyfarth‘s classic game that publisher Ravensburger debuted in Europe in October 2022 and released in the U.S. in February 2023. (For details on how this edition came to be, check out this July 2022 post that includes an interview with cultural consultant Jason Perez.)

At the time, Ravensburger announced that it had “stopped production of the game to guarantee that all copies of Puerto Rico 1897 moving forward will have the correct number of tiles and an updated rule book to support an ideal gaming experience”.

Now, a Ravensburger representative has passed along an update on the status of this game:

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we made corrections to Puerto Rico 1897 to ensure the best possible play experience. The updated version is slated to be released in early Fall on Amazon and at local game stores.

The corrected Puerto Rico 1897 game will include:

• Updated instructions

• Correct total number of tiles

• Text added to building tiles

Ravensburger has already uploaded the updated rulebook on BGG, along with a downloadable building reference card that mirrors the building information found on the last page of the updated rulebook.

For those who already have a copy of Puerto Rico 1897, you can request the four missing coffee tiles by completing this replacement parts form.

Both sides of the building reference card


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