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Carnegie, Ark Nova, and Cascadia Win IGA 2022

by W. Eric Martin

The winners of the International Gamers Awards have been announced:

• Multiplayer — Carnegie, by Xavier Georges and Quined Games

• Two-player — Ark Nova, by Mathias Wigge and Feuerland Spiele

• Solo — Cascadia, by Randy Flynn and Flatout Games

The IGA committee is comprised of gamers from around the world, including BGG owner Scott Alden and yours truly, although I do not vote.

The details of the nomination process and the voting used to determine the winners is detailed on the IGA website, and it’s a very gamey process that I wish more governments would adopt so that voters could better express their desires at the ballot box.

Anyway, congratulations to the winners, who will receive their awards at SPIEL ’22 in October!


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