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Cascadia: Landmarks, Holotype, Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze, and More Pics from GAMA Expo 2023

by W. Eric Martin

As is usually the case, at GAMA Expo 2023 I took way more photos than I can get through in a reasonable amount of time, so let me drop a bunch in this post that get by with little in the way of commentary:

• AEG was showing the wooden bits — that is, the landmarks — in Cascadia: Landmarks, which is due out in Q4 2023 in both English and German, along with a few other languages.

• If it’s not your turn in Star Wars: Shatterpoint, you must place your right index finger on your upper lip. This is the way.

Grandpa Beck’s Games is releasing a reimplemented version of Brent and Jeffrey Beck‘s Cover Your Assets in association with specialty cookie retailer Crumbl under the name Cover Your Cookies with the game currently available only via the publisher and Crumbl.

Holotype: Mesozoic North America is the debut title from Brett Harrison, Lex Terenchin, and Brexwerx Games, with players in this worker placement game attempting to gather fossils, do research, and complete objectives.

• I covered Marvel D.A.G.G.E.R. from Dane Beltrami and Fantasy Flight Games in March 2023, but here’s a pic of the game board and components.

• Agree to Disagree is a party game from Ryan Mindell and Adam’s Apple Games in which you score by finding someone who holds the opposite opinion. The devices shown below are 3D-printed mock-ups, but the idea is that after hearing a statement, players hold their device to expose their answer — although the device looks the same no matter which end is out — but when you nestle the end of your device with someone else’s, you’ll see whether you agree or disagree depending on how they fit together.

• I feel like this image of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game emphasizes its scale without revealing much of anything. It’s hard to take pics of games like this in passing as you really want to climb over the table and shoot down, but convention spaces seldom have ladders on hand.

Fortify from Jason Mack, Caleb Zwar, and Barrel Aged Games challenges two players to engage in a real-time card-laying water balloon fight, with you trying to build a wall around your base so that you can add friends to your side, which lets you throw more balloons (i.e. dice) to eventually overwhelm the opposing base.

• I recall getting an early lesson in the hidden longevity of game sales courtesy of designer Fréderic Moyersoen, who would regularly blog about sales of Saboteur, which debuted in 2004 and which has risen in sales volume each year since at least through the end of the 2010s, when I last recall seeing info. Saboteur isn’t a hot game in the sense of BGG’s “The Hotness”, but you can make the case that it’s not NOT hot given its evergreen status for AMIGO.

• Here’s the component spread of Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze, coming from Restoration Games. I made an effort at this show to encourage presenters to step aside so that their crotch would not be featured in images, but I wasn’t able to escape the floating hand in all my pics of this game. Be amazed…


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