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Deliver Tea in Yunnan, and Order Generals in General Orders

by W. Eric Martin

• Designers Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson have worked frequently with publisher Osprey Games on the Undaunted series of games, but come October 2023 they will release something different, a game Osprey describes as “the first ever worker-placement wargame” — General Orders: World War II.

More details on this title are coming in mid-March 2023 courtesy of Candice Harris, but here’s a teaser for this two-player game:

General Orders: World War II pits competing commanders against each other in a tug of war for control over a crucial Second World War battlefield, either in the mountains of Italy or the islands of the Pacific. Players strive to seize crucial strategic assets that unlock special abilities, and prevent their opponents doing the same. Balance the desire to gain these advantages with the need to secure supply lines, ward off aerial assault and artillery barrages, and protect your vulnerable headquarters.

• German publisher Spielworxx has teased three releases for 2023, starting with a new edition of Aaron Haag‘s Yunnan, which Argentum Verlag released in 2013. Developer Uwe Blennemann notes that this edition features improved two-player rules, “some add-ons and a bit of rebalancing and completely new graphics”.

Cover draft

Dolcissima Vita, which is labeled “Italian trilogy #1”, is a 2-4 player game from Giansimone Migoni that has no description — only a prototype shot from 2022 that you can examine:

Cover draft

Angel’s Share is a design by Scott Almes, for which I had shared a teaser image in late 2020:

Cover draft

Finally, Spielworxx has released info about El Burro, a standalone game from Michael Keller and Andreas “ode.” Odendahl that features gameplay elements similar to their 2014 title La Granja. An overview:

In El Burro, you are developing a farm in Majorca and have to move your goods from your farm to the port of La Palma. The game uses multi-purpose cards and dice-drafting as in La Granja, while also containing other elements such as donkey cards, donkey deliveries, and a solo game. You need to manipulate your farm in the best way possible while making maximum use of your cards and the dice.

Cover draft

In a game round, you play cards, draft dice (one at a time) to conduct actions, deliver goods to your own market stands or to local markets, and bring them all the way to the port of La Palma.

Prototype at SPIEL ’22 (image: Amadeusz)

During the game, you score some points for deliveries, and at the end of four game rounds, you receive more points based on special cards and other elements. The player with the most points wins.


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