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7 Wonders (2nd edition)



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7 Wonders (2nd edition)


The boardgame which has won the most awards worldwide gets a new look! After having won 30 awards worldwide, sold over a million copies throughout the world, having created 7 expansions, a 2-player version, and two mobile applications, the most award-winning game in the world comes back with a new edition! With such an awesome journey so far, it was time for this gaming monument to freshen up!

That’s why, we now have the pleasure to show you in exclusivity the new box as well as all the changes you’ll find in this new edition! A larger box which finally matches the other formats of this line! New cover art updating the 7 Wonders box to match today’s style. A new golden logo because that’s classy! Larger Wonders for an easier read and a better placement of the cards. A day side and a night side for each Won-der, allowing players to dive in even deeper in the wonderful ancient world 7 Wonders offers us. New icons for chaining allowing an easier read and improved understanding of the game. A clearer placement of the icons, allowing cards to be clearer, and a better understan-ding of the cards. A re-writing of the rules in order to make them even easier to understand.

  • STRATEGY GAME: You are a leader of one of the seven greatest cities of the Ancient World. Gather resources, develop commercial routes and affirm your military supremacy. Build your city and erect an architectural wonder which will transcend future times.
  • TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR CIVILIZATION: Players draft cards over multiple rounds, carefully building towards long-term goals. Keep an eye on your neighbors’ progress since they share similar ambitions. Will your wonder transcend the millennia to come?
  • CIVILIZATION WAS BORN FROM EVOLUTION: One game of 7 Wonders plays over the course of three rounds, called Ages, during which you will choose cards with increasingly powerful effects. Each card you choose will influence your general strategy.
  • HOW TO WIN THIS GAME: At the end of each age, each player compares their military strength with one of their neighboring cities. When the third age is over, players score the points given by their cards and their military conflicts. The winner is the player with the most points.
  • HIGH REPLAYABILITY AND PLAYER ENGAGEMENT: 7 Wonders offers quick gameplays which keep players engaged regardless of player count. The game allows multiple strategy opportunities which makes each game thrilling from beggining to end.

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