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In Point Salad, you take on the role of a hungry customer trying to squeeze into a crowded salad bar to snag limited ingredients. You will be building a salad made of overlapping cards in front of you. Every ingredient has a unique scoring condition, and quantities of each are extremely limited ? the servers never seem to refill the salad bar ? so you’ve got to hurry and snag the ones that will make your salad the best of all! In more detail, using a rondel-based mechanism, you move your meeple on your turn to one of the three salad bar stations in front of you, perform the action that corresponds to that station, then take the ingredient available there. If another player’s meeple is currently located at the station you want to visit, you can bump them ? but doing so allows them to leave the line and move to any unoccupied station, giving them a free ingredient and action.

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