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Raiders of Scythia



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Raiders of Scythia

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Raiders of Scythia is a reimplementation of an older game: Raiders of the North Sea. Once again it’s designed by Shem Phillips and published by Garphill Games. Raiders of Scythia doesn’t have artwork by Mihajlo Dimitrievski (AKA The Mico), though. Instead, it’s by Sam Phillips, Shem’s brother! Also here you get asymmetrical starting heroes, which drive your early strategy. Horses and eagles also help you in battle…

Some elements of the expansions from Raiders of the North Sea sit within Scythia’s base game. It’s a bit like a Raiders v1.5, or a Raiders-Plus! This is a worker placement, mid-weight Euro-style game where 2-4 players compete to raid settlements. (It also plays solo.) On your turn you can visit the Scythian village, where there’s eight possible actions. You can send your worker to a vacant location and take the associated action there. Then you retrieve a different worker within the village and take their action. You can gain coins to hire a crew. You can gain provisions needed to raid. You could stock up on kumis (healing milk that also provides strength in battle)!

Once you’re strong enough to raid, you visit one of the countries to the south: Cimmeria, Assyria, Persia or Greece. It’s gets ever-tougher to conquer said settlements. Potential battle wounds await via deadly dice rolls. But no guts, no glory! The rewards are ever-greater, providing plunder (for eet collection) and victory points. After raiding, you leave behind a quest that one of you might complete later on. Pay in the stated quota of plunder to achieve further points. The game ends once there’s only two quests remaining, or two settlements left to raid. Most points wins!

No two games of Raiders of Scythia are the same, thanks to the modular set-up. Not only this, but you build an ‘engine’ of up to five crew members, alongside as many as five horses and five eagles. Each crew member has actions that assist you, with eagles amplifying some of these traits. There’s a whole range of paths to victory in Raiders of Scythia…

  • Player Count: 2-4 Players
  • Time: 60-80 minutes
  • Age: 12+

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