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Underwater Cities: New Discoveries



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Underwater Cities: New Discoveries

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Underwater Cities: New Discoveries has a number of modules which are playable as an expansion to Underwater Cities. Individual modules are not completed yet but there are planned to be new cards in each of the eras, new optional personal assistants and cards with starting resources, additional green metropolises, and one big surprise…

New Discoveries offers may new challenges.

• New Metropolises – Trading with these cities will give you exciting new strategic options

• The Museum of Underwater Artifacts – Treasures lie at the bottom of the sea. Discover them and gain valuable rewards for your contribution to the museum

• Asymmetric Assistants – New assistants, each with their own special ability, will make your underwater nation unique from the very beginning

• 52 New Cards – New cards for every deck will add new choices to every game

• 3-Layered & Extra Player Boards – Layered player boards hold all components securely in place. Includes upgraded versions of the original boards, as well as 4 new double-sided boards for new gameplay opportunities.

  • 8 Personal assistant cards
  • 6 Quickstart tiles
  • 10 Green metropolis tiles
  • 10 Farm tokens
  • 10 Laboratory tokens
  • 10 Desalination plant tokens
  • 8 Special cards
  • 18 Era I cards
  • 15 Era II cards
  • 11 Era III cards
  • 1 Double-sided museum board
  • 20 Discovery tiles
  • 8 Double-sided layered player boards

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