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Everything Old Is New Again in Santorini, Decrypto, and Century

by W. Eric Martin

While the number of new games released each year keeps increasing, the number of games being overhauled for re-release might be climbing at a similar rate.

Roxley, for example, has announced an April 11, 2023 launch date for a Kickstarter campaign for the second edition of Gordon Hamilton‘s strategy game Santorini, a new co-operative expansion for the game titled Riddle of the Sphinx, and a Pantheon Edition of the game, this being a long-awaited deluxe edition that’s been talked about since at least 2019.

Roxley has posted a teaser video for this project, but hasn’t released details as to what’s in the Pantheon Edition and whether any new material in it will be available separately.

• In mid-March 2023, Plan B Games announced a Q4 2023 release date for Century: Big Box, which will contain the three titles in Emerson Matsuuchi‘s Century trilogy — Spice Road, Eastern Wonders, and A New World — as well as previously released promo cards, an extra game board for A New World, dual-layered player boards, and a new expansion —

Century: Golden Deals — that consists of clear cards which can modify other cards in the game.

Plan B notes that Century: Golden Deals will be available on its own through the BGG Store starting in 2024.

• To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Thomas Dagenais-Lespérance‘s excellent deduction game Decrypto, publisher Le Scorpion Masqué is releasing a new edition of the game in a dark grey box that is exactly like the original game — but with 110 new word cards that feature 440 words not included in the original game.

Effectively this new edition is an expansion of the original game, but is also playable on its own, so perhaps you can give it as a gift to someone who has played the game with you and liked it, then play with them to experience new deduction challenges. It’s the same, but different!

If you’re not familiar with Decrypto, check out this long preview I wrote in November 2017 after playing a mock-up version of the game because we were all so enamored with the design.

Distributor Hachette Boardgames notes that the first edition of this edition features gold-foil accents that will not be present in later printings.


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