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Explore a Wandering Galaxy with Jerry Hawthorne

by W. Eric Martin

U.S. publisher Plaid Hat Games has announced the next title in its “Crossroads” series of games that began in 2014 with Dead of Winter and most recently saw the publication of Freelancers in mid-2023. (You can read designer Donald Shults’ of this game’s creation here.)

The next title is a Jerry Hawthorne design for 1-6 players titled Wandering Galaxy that invites you to “explore space like never before”. Technically, few of us have explored space at all, but I think we all know what they mean. Here’s the short pitch:

In the game, players are members of a ragtag starship crew traversing the edge of charted space in search of fame and riches. Together the players command and control a ship as they set off on a world-jumping campaign, taking on jobs too dangerous (or too insane) for the average space traveler. Come aboard and fly across the galaxy to see whether your crew can make enough profit to pay off their ship and become masters of their own cosmic destiny!

Wandering Galaxy will be Plaid Hat’s first foray into crowdfunding, with a Kickstarter campaign scheduled to launch in mid-2024 ahead of a planned release in Q4 2024.


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