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How Well Can You Work with Others in 7 Wonders: Edifice?

by W. Eric Martin

Of the four 7 Wonders expansions released prior to a relaunching of the base game with a second edition in 2020, 2014’s Babel had the lowest rating, and while the other three expansions — Leaders, Cities, and Armada — also had second editions to accompany the base game, Babel fell and was forgotten.

Or was it? Designer Antoine Bauza and publisher Repos Production have now unveiled something new for 7 Wonders that resurrects an aspect of that earlier expansion. Here’s an overview of 7 Wonders: Edifice, which will debut on February 24, 2023:

7 Wonders: Edifice gives players the opportunity to work together to construct communal buildings. If you do your part and the building comes to be, you’ll be rewarded. You don’t have to participate, but if you don’t — and the building never comes to be — you’ll suffer a penalty.

The project sides of three cards

In more detail, this expansion contains fifteen edifice cards: five each in ages I, II, and III. To set up, choose one card from each age at random, then place it project side face up on the table and place 2-5 participation markers on each card, depending on the number of players. The project side lists both the potential reward and potential penalty.

Once during an age, when you construct a level of your wonder, you can pay the cost of the edifice card for the current age (in addition to the cost of that level) and gain a participation marker from that card.

The constructed side of three cards

As soon as the last participation marker is removed from a card, flip the card over to reveal its constructed side and immediately give each player the listed reward. If at the end of the age at least one participation marker remains on the card, each player without one of these markers suffers the penalty. (If a player cannot suffer the full penalty, e.g., paying 5 coins, they instead take a debt token worth -2, -3, or -5 points depending on the age.)

7 Wonders: Edifice contains two new double-sided wonders; one of them, Ur, can only be used with this expansion, while Carthage can be used in any game of 7 Wonders.

7 Wonders: Edifice can be used with any edition of 7 Wonders.

I got to experience 7 Wonders: Edifice in a mock-up form at BGG.CON 2022, and aside from me being extremely rusty at 7W and taking entirely too many resources due to no real planning, I found the expansion to be a neat, clean addition to the game.

The rewards give you an extra incentive to make sure you hit that wonder in the right age, but the cards won’t necessarily co-operate. Other players might rush to build their wonder levels first, leaving you without the chance to join in — you pull extra markers from the box should more players participate in the same round than the number of available markers — or you might decide that the penalty isn’t a big deal based on whatever else is available to you.


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