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Eldritch Horror



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  • Playtime: 2-4h
  • Ages: 14+
  • Players: 1-8

Eldritch Horror


Taking you across the globe, battling the dark forces of H.P. Lovecraft’s fiction, Eldritch Horror plunges 1-8 players into a harrowing campaign to prevent the Ancient Ones from awakening and devastating the world as we know it. Fantasy Flight Games will take you on a conquest in which you will encounter a slew of ungodly horrors and accrue injuries to your body and mind as you attempt to repel them. In this co-operative experience, you assume control of one of 12 playable investigators to solve three mysteries unique to each of the four Ancient Ones. Each of these otherworldly beings considerably alters the obstacles you’ll face, from the insanity-provoking sea-entities of Cthulhu, to the spell-orientated gatekeeper, Yog-Sothoth. Regardless of the opponent you select, Eldritch Horror promises a challenging experience. In this box, players will have the choice of 12 different investigators, with differing stats, abilities and starting ‘assets’ which will drastically alter your playstyle. These traits can be altered over the course of the game, for better or worse. Of the 40 assets you have available, you can utilise firearms, allies and various supportive services. You can also risk your psyche to control artefacts and spells of the mythos. All of these components printed on high quality quality and emblazoned with gorgeous artwork. The gameplay itself involves moving across a map of the world, gathering clues, slaying monsters and engaging in otherworldly encounters. These are primarily performed using dice rolls, which can be augmented using the aforementioned character stats and equipment. The game is straightforward to teach, but has enough depth to stay interesting after numerous plays and remains challenging to even the most experienced players.

About this game:

  • THRILLING GAME OF TERROR AND ADVENTURE: Ancient evil is stirring across the globe. You and your trusted circle of colleagues must travel around the world, working against all odds to hold back the approaching horror. The end draws near! Do you have the courage to prevent global destruction?
  • SCARY STRATEGY GAME: Defeat foul monsters, travel to Other Worlds and solve obscure mysteries surrounding this unspeakable horror. The effort may drain your sanity and cripple your body, but if you fail, the Ancient One will awaken and rain doom upon the known world.
  • COOPERATIVE MYSTERY GAME: Brave investigators team up to pit their skills and weapons against the threat of the Ancient One. Together they explore the remote corners of the globe, fight the nightmarish creatures that lurk in the shadows and solve the ancient mysteries of this Eldritch Horror!
  • HIGHLY VARIABLE: Eldritch Horror is based on the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and inspired by the classic Arkham Horror board game. With four different Ancient Ones, twelve investigators, numerous monsters, and hundreds of possible encounters, every game provides a unique and epic adventure.
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: The Eldritch Horror Board Game collection of scary games for game night is designed for 1 to 8 players and is suitable for ages 14 and older. Average game time is approximately 2 to 4 hours.

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