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In 2024, Undaunted Goes from WWII to the Moon

by W. Eric Martin

Just ahead of SPIEL ’23, UK publisher Osprey Games has announced a new title in the Undaunted game line from David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin. Here’s an overview of the 2024 release Undaunted 2200: Callisto

Jovian Moon Base – Callisto, 22nd Century AD: Tensions have arisen between the conglomerate of Earth’s leading corporations that funded the base and the mining collective tasked with operating it. Protests have erupted, strikes been called, and contracts broken. Private security forces have been hired, industrial mining vehicles repurposed for combat, and long-disused military mechs reawoken. The battle for Callisto is about to begin: It’s time to choose your side.

Undaunted 2200: Callisto is a standalone big-box game in the Undaunted series that adapts the core gameplay of previous games to a new science-fiction setting. Play across an illustrated map in two-player, four-player, and solo game modes. Navigate the barren lunar landscape, maneuver to seize dominant high-ground positions, and utilize your formidable mechs to gain control of Callisto and its precious resources.

A press release about the game quotes Trevor Benjamin as follows: “David and I are so excited to finally share this with you all! Callisto brings Undaunted to an entirely new setting, with lots of component and UI improvements such as [REDACTED//REDACTED//REDACTED by Jovian Base Mining Corp], as well as exciting new gameplay elements [REDACTED//REDACTED//REDACTED by Jovian Base Mining Corp]. We have had a blast designing the game and can’t wait to hear what you all think!”

Should you be at SPIEL ’23, you can meet the designers at the Osprey Games booth (1-A110) on Friday, October 6 from 14:00 to 14:30.


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