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Links: Honoring Hey Yo, Personalizing Betrayal Legacy, and Re-Homing a Museum of Games

by W. Eric Martin

• At SPIEL ’22, publisher Ravensburger and crowdfunding site Gamefound announced a new collaboration, a project called “The Next Big Family Game”. Here’s the pitch:

Ravensburger is on the lookout for the next big game. Game designers from around the world can submit their ideas for “The Next Big Family Game” from November 15 to December 27, 2022. The designers of the three most promising game ideas can then publish them as a crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound. The game that receives the most backers will subsequently be published by Ravensburger with a guaranteed edition of 10,000 copies.

Ravensburger is looking for a family game for a minimum of two to four players ages seven or eight years and up. The playing time for one game should not exceed 60 minutes and the printed rules should not exceed six pages. The game should also be based on the Ravensburger brand values.

Submissions will be accepted from November 15 to December 27, 2022, and full details for the project can be found here in German and English. Ravensburger notes that all submissions remain the property of the submitter; by submitting a design, you are entering a contract with them and Gamefound as to the marketing of your idea on the retail market, with a separate, more elaborate crowdfunded version still being a possibility.

• Speaking of SPIEL ’22, Hey Yo from designer Takashi Saito and publisher Oink Games won that fair’s innoSPIEL award, beating out Wonder Book and the echoes game line, which were also honored for their innovative characteristics.

In the game, which is a revised version of 2019’s FiveLines from Saito and BrainBrainGames, players play cards onto a shared music chart, trying to create regular beats to score points. In more detail:

The game includes a small dedicated device that you can use to accompany the gameplay, with players needing to play a card when the music indicates this. If you can’t play in time to the rhythm, you’re penalized, so you must talk quickly to share information and decide which cards to play. (Alternatively, you can play music of your choice to set the rhythm of play for the game.)

• In October 2022, Mental Floss published a video about co-operative board games as part of its “History of Fun” series. The video is fairly goofy, but it does a decent job of introducing these titles to a mainstream audience, with Pandemic designer Matt Leacock explaining the appeal of co-op games:

Youtube Video

The Museum of Gaming, originally known as International Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery, is looking for a new home. An article on — “OPB” being Oregon Public Broadcasting — notes that the museum contains more than 9,000 games and was open to the public from 2010 to 2020 before closing due to the Covid pandemic. From the article:

“We’ve got just the kind of material that can transfer an infection,” said co-founder Kyle Engen. “Handling games and passing dice around and passing pieces around. So we had to close.”

Now the museum’s collection sits in boxes, packed in multiple storage lockers and homes across Washington County.

Through a “Phoenix Protocol“, the founders and a transition board invite suggestions as to how to preserve the collection and make it available once again, with a decision to be made — one way or another — by December 15, 2022.

• While I normally link to stuff off site, I received a note from user CJ Nekome about their experience with Betrayal Legacy, noting that they were “getting back into board games after a long hiatus”, and I wanted to share a few of their pics.

After trading for a copy of the game, they dove deep, having no idea initially that this was a legacy game and really getting into it over time:

I wanted to share with you the final round decorations we have to celebrate. I made shirts with the family names and crests, as well as all the family members who lived in the house. We have personalized candles and pumpkins along with haunted mansion decorations. We luckily had our last round on Hallows Eve and it was amazing!

That is an impressive level of dedication and immersion.


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