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Lookout Games Preps Nusfjord Big Box for 2023

by W. Eric Martin

German publisher Lookout Games has passed along a list of titles you can expect to see in 2023, but without images and details for the moment. I’ve found a bit of information about these titles in various retail listings, so here’s what I can tell you so far:

Nusfjord Big Box collects the Nusfjord base game from Uwe Rosenberg, includes the Plaice and Salmon expansions released in 2018 and 2020, and adds two new expansions: Trout and Besokende, with the latter deck coming from Tony Boydell, who initially posted the deck for fun here, with revisions here.

Lookout says that Nusfjord Big Box is scheduled for release in Q2 2023, whereas distributor Asmodee North America lists it for Q3 2023, so expect it to land first in Germany, then swim the Atlantic to other shores.

Additionally, Nusfjord: Expansion Collection #1 will package the Plaice and Salmon decks together for those who missed them the first time, while Nusfjord: Expansion Collection #2 collects the Trout and Besokende expansion for those who already have all things Nusfjord and want only the new stuff.

Tipperary, due out Q2 2023, is a tile-laying family game from Günter Burkhardt in which players are challenged to create their perfect vision of an Irish county by placing polyominoes and collecting sheep, castles and whiskey. After twelve rounds, one player will be named chief of Tipperary.

Eppi is a point-and-click-style of game due out in Q2 2023 from book author Felicitas Pommerening in the style of Cantaloop, which will see Book 3 – Against All Odds from Friedemann Findeisen and Grzegorz Kobiela close out the trilogy in 2023.

As for Eppi, it’s aimed at families and appropriate for players aged 8 and up, unlike Cantaloop’s 16+ threshold. Here’e the pitch:

Eppi is an interactive point-and-click style adventure book with a mission for parents and kids to play together.

In the game, you embody Eppi, a creature that haunts the family basement. Who or what is Eppi? Eppi would like to know that, too! In order to help Eppi, it takes the cumulative wit and ingenuity of the entire family, from baby Manni to Grandma Tara. You can also slip into other characters during the game and solve the tricky puzzles.

• Patterns, a Q2 2023 release, is subtitled “A Mandala Game”, but I’ve also seen listings online for Mandala: Contemplation, with this being a spinoff title of 2019’s Mandala from Trevor Benjamin and Brett J. Gilbert in which players use colored “stones” to craft and claim valuable groups. Perhaps the name has changed since the original solicitation? No worries — I’ll forgo a BGG database listing for now.

That said, if you have not played Mandala, I will highly recommend doing so for its classic gameplay.

• Great Lakes, which Lookout lists as a Q3 2023 release with no other information provided. I’ll gamely suggest, given the title above, that this is a standalone sequel to Great Lakes, which is from the same two designers, but actual information will come in due time.


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