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Make Drinks, Redecorate Your House, Count to 17, and Discover Lady Whistledown’s Identity

by W. Eric Martin

• In what’s possibly the most perfect pairing of game design and IP, Z-Man Games has announced that in February 2024 it will release Love Letter: Bridgerton, a twist on Seiji Kanai‘s 2012 game Love Letter in which players launch investigations to figure out Lady Whistledown’s identity while encountering characters from the Bridgerton series on Netflix.

Love Letter: Bridgerton plays much like the original Love Letter: Each turn, draw a card from the deck, then play one of the two cards in your hand and resolve its effect. You want to eliminate all of the other players or have the highest-valued card in hand when the deck is empty. The winner of the round receives a diamond, and whoever collects a pre-determined number of diamonds wins.

Love Letter: Bridgerton, which is for 2-6 players, includes Queen Charlotte as a special character who gives you the power to eliminate multiple players in a single turn.

By the way, hats off to Golda Rosheuvel, who plays Queen Charlotte on Bridgerton, because she’s commanding in every scene and great fun to watch.

• In Andy Bell‘s Ulterior Design from Cheeky Parrot Games, players attempt to win awards from Decor Rate magazine by building a trendy house with overlapping cards that feature lamps, portraits, and plants — and if your house is trending the right way, then try to bend the trend in your favor.

Huradrim is a card game for 2-10 players that takes only two minutes to play. This design from Jefferson Pimentel, Bruno Sathler, 101 Games Brasil and Mind’s Vision challenges you grab ingredients from the table — and discard the right cards — to brew the best beer for the king of dwarves.

• In 2024, Bézier Games will release Silver Eye, the fifth title in the Silver series from designer Ted Alspach.

Each of the Silver titles is a golf-style card game in which you want the lowest score on your cards in play. The deck contains cards numbered 0-13, with each number having a unique power to let you flip cards, exchange cards, and so on. You can make cards from any of the five Silver titles as long as the deck contains cards from 0 to 13.

Helvetiq will release the card game 17 from designer Munetoshi Harigaya in 2024, this being a new version of D!C!ASSETTE, which debuted from Japanese publisher Joyple Games in 2022.

Here’s how to play this 2-10 player game:

D!C!ASSETTE, a stylized display of the Italian for 17 (diciassette), is a bluffing card game in which players try to time when a set of cards on the table sum to 17 or more.

The deck consists of cards numbered 1 to 5 and cards with special effects, such as reversing the direction of play. Some of the numbered cards show their number on both the front and back of the card.

Each player has a hand of three cards. On their turn, they choose to play a card face up or face down to a row on the table, then draw a replacement card. Other players can then state “Diciassette!” if they think the cards in the row sum to 17 or more. If they are correct, they earn a daisy chip and the last person to place a card in the row takes a ghost chip; if not, the ghost chip and daisy chip are handed out the other way.

The original edition

Players lose one daisy chip for every two ghost chips they obtain, and the first person to collect three daisy chips wins.


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