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Mythic Games Sells Super Fantasy Brawl, Enchanters, Steamwatchers, Reichbusters, and Solomon Kane

by W. Eric Martin

On December 9, 2022, Mythic Games posted a short update on the status of several crowdfunding campaigns, as well as its plans for the future:

With over 15,000 backers already delivered for Darkest Dungeon (and counting), we’re proud to announce that Darklands [an expansion for Enchanters] is in the final stages of delivery as we speak. 6: Siege and Rise of the Necromancers are already scheduled for 2023 delivery.

Mythic Games has set a goal to deliver, one after the other, the other pending games that were successfully launched on Kickstarter, of which HEL and Anastyr are the flagship projects the company plans to build on in the future.

The phrase “flagship projects” suggests that other titles will be of less importance, and in fact Mythic has jettisoned several of its game lines:

Mythic Games’ first major decision for the end of the year is the rationalization of its games portfolio (brands, licenses, games in development, etc.). With more than thirty games in its catalog, it was becoming very complicated for all the development teams to achieve a work corresponding to the quality standard we have always wanted. In fact, we proceeded to sell a certain number of IPs to different publishers in order to focus on the three main ones: Darkest Dungeon, HEL and Anastyr.

Not coincidentally, that same day CMON announced that it had acquired the Super Fantasy Brawl, Enchanters and Steamwatchers brands from Mythic Games: “CMON intends to continue publishing the existing titles while exploring new avenues for games and storytelling set in each of these worlds.”

What’s more, Monolith announced that it had acquired the Reichbusters and Solomon Kane brands from Mythic Games. Here’s most of Monolith’s announcement:

Reichbusters is a universe we loved since day one. Here, players cooperatively fight against an alternative nazi reich full of occult, weird, and alien technology. This board game will be back, but with a different, fresh and streamlined set of rules, enhanced with additional content.

Concerning Solomon Kane…it is way too soon to talk about it in details, but as you saw on our last Conan RPG announcement, we have many, many plans going on in the Robert E. Howard universe.

Note that Monolith has no connection with the Solomon Kane pre-orders made on Mythic Games store.

I don’t normally cover RPGs, but to fill you in on part of the announcement above, on December 2, 2022, Modiphius Entertainment announced that it was ending its Conan RPG line — Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of — as of the end of 2022, with all remaining stock to be sold by June 30, 2023.

The license for a Conan RPG from owner Heroic Signatures will now lie with Monolith, which debuted the Conan board game by Frédéric Henry in 2016. Here’s an excerpt from the Modiphius announcement:

Matthew John, Conan Board Game Developer for Monolith added “For eight years now, Conan, Heroic Signatures, and Monolith have been treading the lands of Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age, finding grand inspiration for our products. Our board game, which rallied tens of thousands of players, was soon joined by a great role-playing game, thanks to Modiphius, who did a fantastic job diving deep into this exciting setting. As fans, we’ll be forever grateful to Modiphius for their work and our collaborations on Conan.

We’ve said it before, Howard’s stories are part of Monolith’s DNA, and so we happily accepted Heroic Signatures’ offer to develop our own Conan roleplaying game — one we can infuse with our passion and unique creative vision. While we prepare our next Conan board game project, which will offer new, long-awaited features next year, we wanted to let fans know it is not the only Conan game we’re bringing to the table — or rather, your tables.

So…Monolith will bring back the Conan board game, then an all-new role-playing game! And who knows — it’s certainly possible that our admiration for Robert E. Howard’s work will lead us beyond the borders of the Hyborian Age.

Nice foreshadowing of the Solomon Kane deal in that last paragraph!


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