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Name Everything Ever, Make Your Business Partners Groan, and Discover a New Meaning for “Thumb Drive”

by W. Eric Martin

• At Gen Con 2023, publisher Floodgate Games will debut Everything Ever, a party game for 2-10 players from Nathan Thornton (Green Team Wins, Medium). Here’s how to play:

You’ve prepared your whole life for this. Every movie you’ve seen, every show you’ve watched, every song you’ve listened to, every place you’ve visited, every book you’ve read, every kind of food you’ve eaten, and every person you’ve ever heard of makes you better at this game. It’s finally time to get credit for everything you already know!

In Everything Ever, you and your friends take turns listing things from categories like “Every Dinosaur Movie” or “Every Brand of Soap”. Two category cards are in play, and on your turn, you must say something that fits in one category and something that fits in the other, with both of those somethings not having been said previously. If you can’t think of something, you can play a category card from the three in your hand to cover the one you’re blanking on, then name something from that new category. If you can’t think of something for a category, you must take that pile as a penalty, then flip a new category from the deck.

If you say something that fits both categories at the same time, you can either discard one of your penalty cards or draw a new category card from the deck, then play a third category card to the table. (Once someone is penalized, drop back to two categories.)

Keep your friends’ iffy answers in check with judge cards, and win by collecting the fewest cards once the deck runs out.

• Fitting both categories is at the heart of Pun of Your Business, due out in 2023 from Eric Slauson (MonsDRAWsity) and Yellow Cab Games. An overview:

In Pun of Your Business, you and your business partners have just acquired an entire strip mall of empty stores — but what’s a strip mall without its selection of niche shops? Using random combinations of business ideas and helpful market research, come up with clever puns to score points and name these stores before the grand opening!

Combine cards from the grid to make punny business names, focus on the combinations required by the market research card in the center, and complete the objectives to win.

Thirty market research cards and randomized grids from the 300+ business cards make every game different. Simultaneous play means there’s no downtime waiting for turns, and you can play with groups big and small by teaming up for twice the fun.

Turbo Kidz is a game for 2-6 players due out from Emmanuel Gauvain and Scorpion Masqué on September 6, 2023, but will be at Gen Con 2023 ahead of that date.

The back cover might be all you need to see to get a gist of the gameplay, but let’s include a description anyway:

Either co-operatively or competitively, in Turbo Kidz you want to be the first to cross the finish line in a series of hilarious races…blindfolded! For each race, the driver covers their eyes and must draw their circuit as quickly as possible while still staying on the road. Their co-pilot guides them with their voice, while moving the driver’s thumb like a joystick to prevent them from going off the road.

Tear up the course on sixteen unique circuits, keep ahead of the pack with turbo boosts, and customize your car with gadgets to send your opponents spinning into the ditch while you zoom off to victory!


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