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New Editions Coming for Through the Desert, Express, Groo: The Game, and Carson City: Big Box

by W. Eric Martin

• Dutch publisher Quined Games announced in early April 2023 that it plans to run a crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound for a reprinting of Xavier GeorgesCarson City: Big Box, which first debuted in 2015, then was released in a second edition in 2018.

This edition will contain “a brand new solo mode”.

• In early 2022, Steve Jackson Games announced that it would release a new edition of Sergio AragonésGroo: The Game, which first appeared in 1997 from Archangel Studios. In the game, you roll dice and attempt to construct buildings in town despite Groo wandering around and being less-ept that you might desire and knocking stuff over wherever he goes.

This new edition, which will be Kickstarted in the second half of 2023, will contain both the original base game and the expansion set that allowed for play with up to six players.

Given the recent passing of Al Jaffee, I thought I’d take a moment to say how much I appreciate Aragonés’ work. I still own my original Groo comics from Pacific, Eclipse, Epic, etc., and I just wrote him a note through the only address that I could find: a Facebook account that sells original artwork and apparently allows you to commission drawings. Don’t wait to tell folks you’re a fan of their work!

• Steve Jackson Games has also announced a new edition of the 1990 card game Express from Darwin Bromley, with the crowdfunding campaign offering “some interesting add-ons suggested by the long-time players” of the Train Gamers Association.

• Speaking of being appreciative, I’m a huge fan of Reiner Knizia‘s work (no surprise there, I think), and U.S. publisher Allplay will release a new edition of Knizia’s classic game Through the Desert, with a Kickstarter campaign planned in October 2023 that will also contain two other games.

Aside from the base game, says Joe Wiggins of Allplay, “We hope to offer a separate purchasable box of modular expansions designed by Dr. Knizia… We will still have the original board + river board in the base game box.”


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