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Aquatica: Cold Waters exp.

27,49 (207,12 kn)

27,49 (207,12 kn)

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  • Ages: 14+
  • Players: 1-5
  • Playtime: 1h

Aquatica: Cold Waters exp.

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The waters of Aquatica has been prospering for centuries. With wise and noble Sea-Kings all sea creatures lived in peace and serenity. But one day everything changed… Cold waters of the North Ocean rushed into warm waters of Aquatica because of underwater volcanoes’ eruptions. Immediate and strong climate changes brought unexpected consequences.

This expansion for Aquatica consists of several modules. It includes all necessary components for the fifth player, which can be used with the basic game, but also brings new type of locations, new cards of Ocean’s creatures, and alternative mechanic, replacing the goal-track in the basic game.

  • Dice Tower Essential!
  • Adds 5th player to the game!
  • Requires base game ‘Aquatica’ to play

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