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Memoir ’44



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  • Players: 2
  • Ages: 8+
  • Playtime: 45 min

Memoir ’44

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Memoir 44, suitable for two players (but easily expanded to allow team-play), sees you transported back in history to the time of the Second World War. You will take command of either the Axis or Allied army, fighting through stylised battles themed around actual historical battles, such as Pegasus Bridge, Omaha Beach and Operation Cobra.

With over 15 different scenarios, each map is laid out using the double-sided game board along with various terrain hexes to simulate the combat area that these armies had to contend with back in WW2.

Memoir 44, from Days of Wonder, has players utilising a deck of cards, with each player having a hand cards which they can use to command their respective armies and deploy their troops. The Command and Tactic cards all have unique uses and skills that can be used by the players, from flanking the enemy, to dropping in paratroopers and calling on the artillery to rain down on an enemy position.

Each move must be considered and it is up to the players whether go on the offensive, and aim to clear out the enemy units, or take a more defensive approach, using the terrain and obstacles to their advantage. Memoir 44 encourages players to employ elaborate strategies to outwit their opponents, while also attempting to gain ground and overcome the enemy force. Each unit is signified by a small plastic figurine and units vary from foot soldiers to tanks.

Each player must also contend with barbed wire and sandbags, something that can allow units to take shelter and hunker down, making the opponent’s life very difficult indeed.

Memoir 44 really allows players to engage with these historical battles and operations that took place during World War Two and it does a good job of replicating this. If you are after a historical game with combat at its heart, then this game is for you!


  • 1 double-sided Battlefield board map
  • 144 Axis and Allies Army Pieces
  • 36 Obstacles
  • 44 Terrain Tiles
  • 60 Command Cards
  • 9 Summary Cards
  • 8 Battle Dice
  • 2 Card Holders
  • 1 Rules & Scenario Booklet

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