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Dragon Shield Cube Shell – Blue



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  • Dragon Shield
  • 8 cube shells
  • blue

Dragon Shield Cube Shell – Blue

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Bright Blue featuring awesome tribal dragon art print.

Boost your cube with Dragon Shield Cube Shells. Cube Shells are small deck boxes made with strong materials and a firm lock. Cube Shells are ideal as booster packs for Cube drafting your favorite card games, boxes for sideboards, side decks, tokens, extra decks, or just to sort and order cards in your board games. Sending multiple cards in the mail? Cube Shells offer sturdy protection during shipment. Each box has a small writing field on the top. Each unit contains 8 Cube Shells, fitting 20 single-sleeved cards, 15 double-sleeved cards, or 48 12mm D6 dice. Not to be sold individually.

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