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Everdell: Bellfaire exp.



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  • Players: 1-6
  • Playtime: 40-120 min.
  • Ages: 14+

Everdell: Bellfaire exp.


It seems building your city has brought Everdell into its most prosperous era yet, and the woodland’s best and brightest have come to see what it’s all about. With more and more charming critters flocking to the meadow, Everdell has had to expand its boarders! With the opening of the Bellfaire market come many new opportunities to explore the wonders of Everdell.

Everdell: Bellfaire is an expansion on the base board game which increases the total player count, letting up to six players compete to build the best city the woodland has ever seen. Developing on the base mechanics of Everdell, Bellfaire introduces a new board extension, representing the bustling market where players may trade their goods or send workers to gain resources. The market opens up gameplay, making resources more available to cater to the increased player count.

Bellfaire also introduces a host of cards, including new special events and forest locations, bringing a new dimension of variability to the charmingly unique base game. Players will also unlock a fifth basic event: The Flower Festival, which they can claim if they have one of each colour in their city.

The Bellfaire market brings with it unique player power cards. Each of the game’s countless meeple factions can hold unique powers, meaning players must fine-tune their playing style to best take advantage of these new and exciting abilities. This asymmetrical mechanic means that there are combinations-a-plenty when it comes to meeples and no two games will be the same.

The Everdell franchise is known for its stunning artwork and Bellfaire does not disappoint. Every aspect of the game fits beautifully with the main board and other expansions, should you wish to play with all of them together.

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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Playing time

40-60 min., 60-90 min., 90-120 min.

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