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Lost Ruins of Arnak – The Missing Expedition exp.

30,49 (229,73 kn)

30,49 (229,73 kn)

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  • Players: 1-4
  • Playtime: 30-120 min.
  • Ages: 12+

Lost Ruins of Arnak – The Missing Expedition exp.

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Follow a trail to learn the fate of Professor Kutil and other missing explorers in Lost Ruins of Arnak: The Missing Expedition.

In this expansion, you can test the strategies offered by two new leaders, explore new paths to knowledge on two new research tracks, and build your expedition team with new artifacts, items, and assistants.

This expansion can simply be added to the Lost Ruins of Arnak base game, or it can be discovered as part of a solo or two-player co-operative campaign that consists of six chapters, each with a different set of rules, goals, and achievements.

This expansion requires the Lost Ruins of Arnak base game and is fully compatible with the Expedition Leaders expansion.

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