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Magic The Gathering: Kaldheim Draft Boosters Display (MTG)



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  • Magic The Gathering
  • Draft Boosters Display
  • 36 boosters

Magic The Gathering: Kaldheim Draft Boosters Display (MTG)

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Contains 36 boosters.

As always, Kaldheim comes in Draft Boosters. These are by far the best way to play any Limited format. This is the classic Magic booster, and the contents are pretty straightforward:

1 Rare or mythic rare
3 Uncommons
10 Commons
1 Snow land (basic or dual land)
1 Token/ad card
1 in 3 packs have 1 common card replaced by a foil card of any rarity

It’s also possible that one or more of these cards has been replaced by a showcase or borderless card, exciting alternate versions of Kaldheim cards.

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