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Pathfinder Adventure Cardgame: Oracle class deck exp.



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  • Players: 1-6
  • Playtime: 90 min.
  • Ages: 13+

Pathfinder Adventure Cardgame: Oracle class deck exp.

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Magic and mystery! Oracles see deep into the fundamental secrets of the universe, and use their magical might to bring the future to pass in the present. The Oracle Class Deck accessory for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game allows players to bring these enigmatic spellcasters to any Base Set, including the demon-infested Wrath of the Righteous campaign!

The 109-card Oracle Class Deck contains three new characters—including a new version of the iconic oracle Alahazra—and both new and familiar allies, spells, items, and other boons to carry your oracle through an entire Adventure Path. This deck can also be used in the popular Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild organized play campaign.

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