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Scythe: Invaders from Afar exp.

33,49 (252,33 kn)

33,49 (252,33 kn)

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  • Players: 1-7
  • Playtime: 90-140 min.
  • Ages: 14+

Scythe: Invaders from Afar exp.

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While empires rise and fall in Eastern Europa, the rest of the world takes notice. Two distant factions, Albion and Togawa, send emissaries to scout the land and employ their own distinct styles of conquering. Scythe: Invaders from Afar, an expansion for Scythe, adds two new factions: 10 miniatures, 62 custom wooden tokens, and 2 faction mats. It also includes some new cardboard tokens, two new player mats, six Automa cards, and a custom plastic insert designed to fit into the expansion box or the original Scythe box.

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