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Playmat – Magic: The Gathering – War of the Spark

12,49 (94,11 kn)

12,49 (94,11 kn)

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Playmat – Magic: The Gathering – War of the Spark

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Wizards of the Coast has worked with some of the most iconic artists in Japan to bring fans of Magic: The Gathering amazing works of art featuring alternate takes on everyone’s favorite Planeswalkers! Made with a premium fabric top to prevent damage to cards during gameplay for tabletop gamers. With dimensions of approximately 24″ X 13-1/2″, this playmat is also the perfect decorative oversized mouse pad for computer and laptop workstations. Non-slip rubber backing lets the playmat lay flat and prevents it from shifting during use.

  • Officially licensed playmat featuring Ral Zarek artwork from War of the Spark (WAR).
  • Soft fabric top prevents damage to cards during gameplay & also ensures smooth cursor movement when used as a mouse pad.
  • Standard size playmat measures approximately 24″ x 13.5.”
  • Rubber backing prevents the mat from shifting during use.

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