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Rating the Media Events at Gen Con 2023

by W. Eric Martin

As you might have noticed from the deluge of convention reports, Gen Con 2023 took place recently, and while thinking about the show after the fact, I thought I’d talk about an aspect of the convention that most people don’t encounter: media events.

Most conventions have media-specific happenings in which publishers invite people to off-site or late night events. Sometimes they use these events to highlight upcoming games; sometimes they do not. I appreciate the former events and not the latter, a topic I cover in detail in this video about the Gen Con 2023 media events I attended. (I missed the Dire Wolf event as I had to eat before going to an event later that evening, and I missed the AEG event because all of the spots were booked within hours of the invite going out. AEG added more slots later, but I had no openings on my schedule at the times available, which is a shame as from my perspective AEG normally does a great job with its media events.)

I realize that not everyone has the same goals that I do for media events, whether publishers or other members of the media. What’s my goal? Learning about new and upcoming games so that I can let others know what’s coming. Anything beyond that is not of interest. In the immortal words of Kelly Wiglesworth, “I’m not here to make friends.”

Given my Gen Con 2023 experience, in the future I’ll clarify what to expect from an event so that I know whether to sign up to attend or not.

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