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Recreate Disney Films, and Use Them to Puzzle People

by W. Eric Martin

Jean-Louis Roubira‘s party game Dixit has been hugely successful since its debut in 2008, winning the As d’Or in 2009 and Spiel des Jahres in 2010 among many other awards. Nine expansions have been released, along with several spin-off games and a line of puzzles.

Now publisher Libellud has announced the first licensed version of the game, with Dixit: Disney Edition due for release in the second half of 2023.

Like all Dixit titles and expansions, Dixit: Disney Edition contains 84 cards, and in this release each card represents one of 84 films in the Disney or Pixar catalog from Steamboat Willie to Turning Red. Here’s an example of the work from artist Natalie Dombois, with Libellud noting that the artwork “took two years from conception to completion”, which isn’t surprising given how meticulous Disney can be when it comes to licensing.

• Speaking of Disney, The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923, so Funko Games — which has previously released many Disney-related titles — has several games in the offing that bear a 100th anniversary tag, with the most celebratory of these designs probably being Disney Animated, a co-operative game for 2-4 players:

Work together in Disney Animated like the team at the famous Walt Disney Animation Studios to create movie magic!

In the game, you need to produce five classic Disney films using detailed background art, vibrant paint colors, and lively sound to bring cherished stories to life on the screen — but the villains from these feature films will rush your deadlines and create all the calamity they can. As a team, you must use the strengths of the animation studio — heart, focus, inspiration, grit, and teamwork — to vanquish the villains and finish your films in time.

The game includes fifteen transparent cards to represent the cel animation used in those films. Disney Animated is due out in Q2 2023.


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