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Roll into the French Quarter, Go from CATAN to the Stars, and Sneak a Peek at Patliputra

by W. Eric Martin

• U.S. publisher Motor City Gameworks has revealed the next title in its “Loaded Roll and Write” line that includes Three Sisters and Motor City. Here’s an overview of French Quarter, a 1-4 player game from Adam Hill, Ben Pinchback, and Matt Riddle due out in 2023 that will be co-published by 25th Century Games:

Welcome to the French Quarter, the heart of New Orleans! You’re in town for a weekend trip with plans to spend your Saturday evening taking in as many of the city’s unique sights and sounds as possible in a mere eight hours.

Non-final cover

During the game, you choose dice from the card row to take actions and travel via different methods of transportation with varying distances: walking, carriage ride, taxi, streetcar, riverboat, or just hanging out to socialize.


As you travel around the city, you get to visit buildings and see performers where you stop. All these activities slowly fill up tracks that chart your experiences with food, culture, shopping, mysticism, and partying. You have to make tough choices between in-game bonuses and score multipliers! After eight hours of gallivanting about town, players compare their end results to see who had the most memorable night in NOLA.

• Designer Stefan Feld has posted a preview pic of Patliputra, which is a new design set in an Indian city founded in 490 BCE and title #7 in Queen Games’ “Stefan Feld City Collection”:


• In addition to announcing Die Weiße Burg, a German edition of The White Castle that I covered in late March 2023, German publisher KOSMOS has revealed more of its plans for the latter half of 2023 on its Instagram account:

EXIT: Das Spiel – Der Gefängnisausbruch (“The Prison Break”) is the next release in this series of escape room games by Inka and Markus Brand, and this time players are divided into two teams that attempt to escape from prison simultaneously. Writes the publisher, “Only with intensive co-operation you can succeed in escaping. Will you manage to get out in time and unnoticed?”

Mazescape: Ariadne and Mazescape: Labýrinthos, two designs from Pablo Céspedes and Víctor Hugo Cisternas in which you try to make your way through various mazes comprised of folded sheets of paper. As you fold and refold the paper, the paths available for travel change, with you trying to reach certain landmarks or symbols in order to score as many points as possible.

CATAN: Sternenfahrer – Das Duell, with this two-player game from Klaus and Benjamin Teuber design being an extensively revised version of 2001’s Starship Catan.


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