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Shake a Chicken, Collect Teeth, and Listen to Awkward-Sounding Adults

by W. Eric Martin

U.S. publisher Exploding Kittens is launching a children’s game line dubbed “Kitten Games” in which all the designs are playable by humans aged 4+. The games are all designed by CEO Elan Lee and his (now) five-year-old daughter Avalon, and they will debut at the Target retail chain on July 30, 2023, with availability on the EK website to follow.

The four titles upon launch are:

My Parents Might Be Martians, which is billed as a junior version of Poetry for Neanderthals. Adults must describe a hidden word to the kids’ team using only one-syllable clues, thereby make them sound like they’re from another planet, while kids try to interpret the adults’ clues and guess the correct words.

Hurry Up Chicken Butt is a game of “hot potato” with a battery-powered chicken-shaped shaker that clucks and holds the dice, with players needing to complete silly challenges in order to pass the chicken.

I Want My Teeth Back challenges you to re-teeth a monster via a spinner and opportunity assessment.

The Best Worst Ice Cream has you build ice cream cones with wacky flavors such as pizza, eyeballs, and earthworms.


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