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SPIEL ’23 Preview Now Live

by W. Eric Martin

With three months to go before the opening of the largest tabletop game fair in the world — SPIEL ’23 in Essen, Germany — BoardGameGeek’s SPIEL ’23 Preview is now ready for your perusal.

It’s not done, mind you. That won’t happen until SPIEL ’23 opens on October 5, although in all likelihood I’ll still be adding games to it at that point. (I did so in 2022, after all.) The 184 titles currently listed are quite a lot to skim through, but that’s only 15% of what the SPIEL ’22 Preview ended up listing, so yeah, Stephen Cordell and I have a lot of work ahead of us trying to keep up with who will be showing what.

Speaking of which, if you work for a publisher that will be selling or demoing new games at SPIEL ’23, you can add your titles to BGG’s preview by completing this survey. We will get to it ASAP so that folks can thumb titles in which they’re interested or tag games using the Must Have/Interested/Undecided/Not Interested labels. By using these labels, you can then use the filters…

…to show only the labels that you want to see, with the filter also giving you a “Not Prioritized” option so that you can see what you’ve missed or what’s been added to the SPIEL ’23 Preview since you last looked at. (You can also use the pulldown menu to sort the titles by “Recently Added”.)

Once you label games, you’ll find a “View My # Titles” link on the right side of the info box at the top of the page:

If you click that link, you’ll see a summarized list of all games labeled Must Have, Interested, and Undecided. Save that link, and you’ll have something to reference while you’re at SPIEL ’23 — or share it with others to compare what’s caught your eye. (Here’s my short list for Gen Con 2023 as an example.)

All right, time to gear up for the rest of July, with submissions coming in for both the Gen Con 2023 Preview and the SPIEL ’23 Preview. Whee! It’s the busiest month of the year…except for August and September, which are even crazier as the SPIEL tsunami swells to its peak and prepares to crash on the shores of Essen!

A small sampling of SPIEL ’23 releases


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