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Teasers for More Living Forest, Mille Fiori, Lords of Vegas, Myrmes, and Stefan Feld

by W. Eric Martin

• Ahead of winning the 2022 Kennerspiel des Jahres for Aske Christiansen‘s Living Forest, publisher Ludonaute teased a few cards from an expansion due out in 2023, noting that you can buy these new kodama cards with your flowers…

• On October 26, 2022, Erwan Hascoët from Bombyx posted the following image on Facebook, noting that, “We won’t be unemployed next year at the office…”

Yes, that’s apparently a new edition of Yoann Levet‘s Myrmes, first published in 2012, on the Bombyx calendar for 2024, but everything else below Takenokolor (covered here) is a mystery for me.

• German retailers are listing Mille Fiori – 1. Erweiterung as being due out in March 2023, but no details are given for this expansion to Reiner Knizia‘s game Mille Fiori, which debuted in late 2021 from Schmidt Spiele.

Lone Shark Games has set up a landing page on Kickstarter for Lords of Vegas: Americana — a new expansion for Lords of Vegas from James Ernest and Mike Selinker — along with a reprinting of the base game, albeit now for up to six players, which means perhaps the UP! expansion from 2014 will also be included. Details to come…

• During SPIEL ’22, Queen Games revealed games #7 and 8 in its Stefan Feld City Collection: Patliputra and Nassau, with the former being a new design set in an Indian city founded in 490 BCE and the latter being, according to Feld, a complete reworking of an earlier game that keeps the core mechanism and little else.


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