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Teasers from Rio Grande Games, Space Cow, Deep Print Games, and Hans im Glück

by W. Eric Martin

• To start 2024, U.S. publisher Rio Grande Games has updated its list of forthcoming 2024 game releases for which there is mostly no information:

Pacific, Moon Colony Bloodbath, Rising Sun (a new Dominion expansion), and Zoobreak from Donald X. Vaccarino; Xeno Counterstrike (for late 2024) from Tom Lehmann; Meep Crisis from Tom Lehmann and Matt Leacock; Eminent Domain, plus Escalation, Exotica, and Oblivion from Seth Jaffee; Stage Coach from Andreas Seyfarth; and Clockwork Wonders from Nikolaj Wendt

• German publisher Deep Print Games has teased…something, linking designer Rita Modl in the process. Looks like a close-up, abstract starfish?

After I wrote that line above, Deep Print Games revealed more about this game, and as it turns out, my guess was close:

In the oceans around the equator, a beautiful habitat shines with bright colors. Coral reefs are underwater ecosystems and home to many species. However, as a result of global warming, reefs have been declining massively in recent decades, and it is up to us to protect them to keep them alive!

Lumicora is a three-dimensional tile-laying game that relies on clever planning and timing. Gather colorful coral tiles and construct a beautiful luminescent reef.

• Designer Leo Colovini has shown off the components in Le Chemin de la Maison (“The Way Home”), which he describes as a co-operative children’s game that French publisher Space Cow will debut at the FIJ game fair in Cannes in late February 2024. However, Space Cow has posted nothing other than images about this game, so for now you are left to interpret rules from the components.

• German publisher Hans im Glück has teased a future release with a radically different look from the rest of its game line. The 2024 Spielwarenmesse toy and game fair is open in Nürnberg, Germany from January 30 to February 3, so I’d expect more info about this title — including what the title actually is — before too long.


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