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Ten Years of Qwixx, and Tricky Card Play in Triggs

by W. Eric Martin

To celebrate ten years of Steffen Benndorf‘s Qwixx, German publisher Nürnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag is releasing Qwixx: 10 Jahre Limited-Edition, a special edition of the game that includes the Qwixx base game, as well as the Bonus and Gemixxt expansions and the components needed for the Qwixx Longo standalone game. All of the boards are erasable, and the game includes dry-erase markers.

NSV notes that this edition will consist of 10,000 copies, which seems large for a limited edition, but Qwixx has sold more than a million copies since its debut in 2013, so a print run of at most 1% of the existing market is likely a good call.

• Should you just want more Qwixx with a twist, NSV is happy to satisfy that desire with Qwixx: Double from Benndorf and Reinhard Staupe.

Each of the two scoresheets gives you a different way to double up on marks: one sheet allows for each number to be marked a second time (up to a maximum of 16 marks in a row), while the other gives you two marks only for particular numbers, giving you an incentive to hold off for just the right roll.

• As for a non-Qwixx release, NSV has Triggs from Karin Hetling, a 2-4 player game that seems right in line with the NSV model of quick tactical play:

In Triggs, the numbers 1-12 appear on your player sheet 2-5 times, and you want to cross them all off first in order to win.

On a turn, you either draw cards, discard cards, or tick off numbered boxes. When you draw, you take two cards from the face-down deck or the two face-up decks as you choose. You have a maximum hand size of ten cards, and when you discard, you can dump only cards of the same number.

To tick off numbered boxes, you name a value from 1-12, then play cards from your hand, whether a single card matching that value or a pair of cards that sum to that value. Tick off one space in that row for each card or pair of cards you play. When you cross off the final box in a row, you gain an extra cross, which (if you play cleverly) might earn you another cross, and so on.

After discarding or playing cards, if you have no cards in hand, draw five cards from the face-down pile.

The first player to cross off all of the squares on their player sheet wins.


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