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The Legacy of Disposable Games

by W. Eric Martin

Who’s the victim?With Ticket to Ride Legacy: Legends of the West hitting stores on November 3, 2023, I was inspired to think about the concept of “disposable games”.

Legacy games have long been tarred with the “disposable” label since they had a limited number of plays before you’re left with nothing but an artifact of all the wonderful time that you spent playing a game with friends and family. Hmm, that doesn’t sound so bad, does it? I mean, I’ve attended weddings and gone home with fewer memories than what I gained from playing Pandemic Legacy: Season 1.

More generally, the “disposable” label can be applied to far more games than those that bear the “legacy” name, and I would argue that “disposable” should not automatically be equated with poor design or games that you don’t enjoy. In this video, I suggest a few more categories of games that fit the “disposable” label, some by accident and some by design and some by accidental design.

In the spoiler box below, I’ve linked to the games discussed should you care to have the titles not spoiled or (alternatively) to jump to coverage of a specific game:

Youtube Video

[o]Games mentioned in this video:

00:01 — Risk Legacy

02:50 — UNO

02:50 — Skip-Bo

03:40 — Chicken vs Hotdog

05:44 — American Psycho: A Killer Game

09:27 — Witches of the Revolution

11:52 — Sabika

13:17 — Zero to 100

18:00 — Linkto Food

18:00 — Linkto Travel[/o]


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