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Throw Funko Games Your Wallet, and They’ll Throw You the Idol

by W. Eric Martin

• U.S. publisher Funko Games is continuing to roll out tabletop adaptations of movies, with the newest titles being a quartet of games based on Indiana Jones…but not Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the fifth movie in the series that’s scheduled to debut on June 30, 2023. Maybe those will come later, but here’s what Funko has for now:

Indiana Jones: Sands of Adventure, a 2-4 player co-operative game due out on June 18, 2023 in which you play cards to rescue the Ark of the Covenant by upgrading tiles, attacking enemies, and racing against time, specifically a sand timer that slowly fills with gems, then flips.

Indiana Jones: Throw Me the Idol! is a team-based party game for 2-10 players in which you need to complete challenges, both physical and mental.

Indiana Jones: Cryptic – A Puzzles and Pathways Adventure is an escape room-style game for one or more players with three adventures that you must navigate with the help of the notes in Dr. Jones’ journal.

Something Wild! Indiana Jones, which is the latest title in Funko’s Something Wild! line of rummy games in which players lay down sets and runs to grab character-based power cards, with the third such card giving you the win. All of these sets can be combined to mix characters from different IP lands.

These three titles were released on the U.S. market in early April 2023.

A Funko full house that you can group two ways

• At the end of 2022, Funko Games released Something Wild! Star Wars Classic Darth Vader – Pink Edition, which features different power cards from 2021’s Something Wild! Star Wars Original Trilogy: Darth Vader.

Perhaps a new Vader will be released annually until we can build a rainbow or reproduce the LEGO Everyone Is Awesome set. We have the bookends, so only nine more to go!

Boosters• More recently, Funko Games has announced Star Wars: Rivals, this being a two-player game in which each player builds a squadron from characters throughout different eras of the Star Wars universe. Each character has three unique action cards, and players use their characters to try to claim location cards.

Series 1 of Star Wars: Rivals consists of a Premier Set that pits Luke Skywalker and Commander Cody against Darth Vader and Asajj Ventress and is playable on its own and randomized Character Booster Packs that contain one character from the light side or dark side (as indicated) that can be added to the squadrons in the standalone Premier Set or that can be played on their own as a squadron against a squadron of the opposite side.

Star Wars: Rivals will have limited availability starting May 4, 2023 at some Walmart stores in the U.S., followed by availability at all U.S. Walmart locations in June 2023, followed by general availability at retail stores later in 2023.

• Since we’re on the topic of movies, in March 2023 Cryptozoic Entertainment released Rotten Tomatoes: The Card Game, a party game for up to twenty people in which you attempt to rank movies correctly based on their Rotten Tomatoes rankings in a manner akin to Timeline.


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