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Use Tricks to Solve a Murder, Catch Fish in Folding Waters, and Become the Godmother in a Beastly Town

by W. Eric Martin

• German publisher Zoch Verlag has passed along information about some of its new releases, and for the first time in years that I can recall, Zoch will have a strategy game for players aged 12 and up. That game is Pim Thunborg‘s Die Patin (“The Godmother”), which features characters from the Beasty Bar series of card games from Stefan Kloß and Anna Oppolzer in the second half of the 2010s.

Here’s an overview of this area majority and set collection game for 2-5 players that takes 30 minutes per player:

The streets of Beasty Town are a tough place. The city’s major underground families are in dispute, with each trying to expand its territory and fill its coffers with loot — but vassals don’t come cheap, and loyal vassals even less so…

In Die Patin, players slip into the role of mafia bosses on the hunt for prestige and influence. With the help of their henchmen and a chunk of bribe money, they bring one city district after another under their control. However, conquering new territories is just as easy as losing them again, and those who position their guards poorly are a sitting duck for their opponents.

The player who plans their raids best and goes on the offensive at the right moment will become Beasty Town’s new overlady.

• The cover of Roberto Fraga‘s Maldivia looks somewhat odd, but the intent of the image is to suggest the foldable cloth on which the game takes place.

Here’s an overview of this 2-4 player game:

Fishing can be so beautiful – if you can see where your boat is drifting. But off Maldivia, thick clouds of fog make the sea all around disappear. Fishing grounds become invisible, and the routes of the fishing boats cross each other in inscrutable ways.

In Maldivia, all players decide on their next moves simultaneously, trying to anticipate where others might go. Those who counter currents and sharks with finesse and let fog roll in before the eyes of the other “net operators” increase their own “catch quotas”. But large quantities of fish are not enough; only those who bring sought-after types of fish safely to the market ships at the ever-changing edge of the foldable playing field will keep their sails filled – and win the game before it is lost in the fog.

Volles Fass voraus (“Full Barrel ahead”) is a 2-4 player game from Giansimone Migoni that challenges you to sail around a collect stuff on a variable game board that will differ each time you play.

In somewhat more detail:

Volles Fass voraus is a shipping adventure in which you compete for the best anchorages. Those who procure barrels cheaply and stow them in an easily accessible manner on their deck can later unload them at lucrative moorings for countless doubloons.

Each port that players head for has four moorings. Those who stay there a little longer can secure not only barrels, but also treasure maps and sailors at particularly good conditions. More modest short stays, however, offer the invaluable advantage of getting everything in the next port that no one else can get. On the way, clever seafarers should not spurn a treasure map or two — and they might want to be armed with battle-hardened sailors against stormy pirates and even stormier hurricanes.

• Finally — for now — we have Stich für Stich, a trick-taking and deduction game from newcomer Markus W. Leon for 3-4 players:

Stich für Stich is a highly suspicious crime card game for all sleuths, confidants, and knife guys!

Four shady characters and seven dubious objects play the leading role here. Only one confidant knows who the perpetrator and the murder weapon are; all the other players are in the dark. But every trick is a clue because the murderer and the weapon always come up trumps, so the sleuths track down the culprit trick by trick. At the same time, the confidant who knows what’s what tries to mislead their fellow players with nasty tricks. Only those who keep a cool head during the investigation and play their cards carefully can convict the culprit.

Each player has their own rack on which to track information about characters and weapons, as well as an investigation sheet.

The concept sounds intriguing, but I think I’ll need to play it to know for sure as the description above leaves out a lot of details.

• Zoch will have two other new titles available at SPIEL ’23, but details on those games must wait until the fair opens on October 5…


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