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Welcome to the Forbidden Jungle, Matt Leacock’s Got Fun and Games

by W. Eric Martin

Designer Matt Leacock and publisher Gamewright have come together for a new title in its line of co-operative escape games: Forbidden Jungle, which is for 2-5 players with a playing time of 45 minutes.

Here’s an overview of the setting and gameplay:

In Forbidden Jungle, your team has crash-landed on a mysterious jungle planet, and you need to work together to survive. Search the ruins of an abandoned outpost for an elusive escape portal, all while fending off an ever-growing horde of venomous creatures and an escalating chain of collapsing locations. Shift tiles to power up the portal and live to see another day!

The list of components includes alien creatures, eggs, and hatchlings. Food for these beings is not included. (Psst…you are the food.)


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