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From Ethnos to Archeos Society, and a New Look for an Old Shipyard

by W. Eric Martin

• French publisher Space Cowboys has announced its next release, with Archeos Society from designer Paolo Mori due for release in June 2023. Here’s an overview:

Guide your team in Archeos Society as you explore legendary sites! You must decide whether to form small expeditions for quick progression, or larger expeditions that are more efficient but slower to assemble.

On each of your turns, you either recruit a new explorer or launch an expedition by playing your cards using a group of matching colors or roles. Choose your expedition leader wisely as they determine which region you explore and provide a special ability for that expedition. Note that whenever you launch an expedition, unplayed cards in your hand are made available for your opponents to recruit!

To achieve victory, you must carefully manage your efforts in recruiting and accumulating discoveries, all while monitoring the progress of your competitors.

If that description sounds familiar to you, then you probably know of Paolo Mori’s game Ethnos, which CMON released in 2017.

That said, Space Cowboys developer Domitien Asselin de Williencourt tells me that in Archeos Society the design transformed “from a majority game to a racing game, and it really helped streamline everything”. Mori plans to post about the changes closer to the game’s release.

• Designer Alban Viard of AVStudioGames has transformed his 2019 game Clinic: Deluxe Edition (which first appeared in 2014 as Clinic) into a microscopic version of itself: Clin9ic.

This game is part of AVStudioGames’ second wave of three titles in its Nano9games series, with each game in the line consisting of nine cards, nine dice, and nine cubes! In this game, the cards form the floors of your clinic and let you perform actions, while the dice track patients, their level of illness, doctors, their skill, nurses, orderlies, and so on.

Sample action card

A Kickstarter campaign for this trilogy starts in June 2023, with the final trilogy — which will bring the Nano9games series to nine games — likely to come in 2025.

• On July 7, 2023, Looney Labs will release a new, compact edition of Andy Looney‘s Fluxx: The Board Game, which debuted in 2013. Gameplay will remain the same, but the box will now be the height and width of a standard Fluxx box and twice as thick, so about one-quarter the volume of the original release.

• Czech publisher Delicious Games notes that it’s working on a new edition of Vladimír Suchý‘s Shipyard, which debuted in 2009:


In a BGG thread about this edition, Suchý noted, “All parts will be cardboard like in the original edition. We are testing 3D components. These components would be purchased separately. And they will be made of wood… The game will have new graphics, solo play, insert better cardboard. Some rather minor adjustments.”

• In November 2022, I posted about games #7 and 8 in Queen GamesStefan Feld City Collection, with game #8 being, according to Feld, a complete reworking of an earlier game that keeps the core mechanism and little else.

Given that game #8 was titled Nassau, several people speculated that the original game was 2006’s Rum & Pirates, and a late February 2023 tweet from Feld seems to confirm this given the look of one of the game boards:



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