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Links: Choosing Games for the Holidays, Clubbing in Northern Ireland, and Celebrating Zombie Dice

by W. Eric Martin

• Designer Steve Jackson has posted an eleven-year retrospective of Zombie Dice, which has been a consistent bestseller for Steve Jackson Games since its debut in 2010.

• With the end of the year upon us, many outlets have published game suggestion guides for the holidays, such as the radio program Science Friday, which focused on science-fiction games; Smithsonian, which features a wide range of games; and The Globe and Mail in Toronto, Canada, although you need to be a subscriber to access the article.

• On Linked In, Julien Sharp with Asmodee Group posted about a donation of “50 pallets of games to our local Minneapolis-St. Paul and Atlanta Toys for Tots organizations between our two warehouses”, writing: “Games are so great to donate as they are really nice presents for kids a little past the toy stage, that still want and deserve something fun and new for the holidays. Thanks to all the warehouse team members who put this together.”

• On December 17, 2022, the NPR program Weekend Edition featured Abram Towle, creative director of the website Nerds on Earth on “the renaissance in board games and what people may want to play over the holidays”, namechecking Wingspan, PARKS, and Turing Machine.

• It’s interesting to see games pop up in unexpected places, as with actress Leslie Wadsworth winning a 2022 Voice Arts Award for her work on a promotional trailer for WizKidsDungeons & Dragons: Onslaught:


• Similarly, the Dec. 24, 2022 edition of “The Morning” newsletter from The New York Times highlighted reader choices for the best whatever of the year and included this paragraph: “Your favorite board games included Sequence (‘Just about everyone I’ve introduced to the game has bought their own board,’ Debra Felix of Wellfleet, Mass., said) and Spirit Island.”

• In mid-December 2022, BBC NI featured the Mid Ulster Gaming Club in the village of Pomeroy in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland:

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