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Rediscover Mystery of the Abbey, Remix Colors in Pala, and Respond to Traps in Scrabble

by W. Eric Martin

• Italian publisher Mojito Studios — which to date has released or announced new editions of Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, Pueblo, and Think Str8! (with this one being relaunched as The Lost Code) — has announced that its fourth title will be a new edition of Bruno Faidutti and Serge Laget‘s deduction game Mystery of the Abbey, which Days of Wonder released in 2003.

Mock-up of the box by Naïade

Jeffrey D. Allers‘ trick-taking game Pala, in which you can “mix” cards together to create their color, has had a edition released by Japanese publisher 数寄ゲームズ (Suki Games).

• In July 2022, Mattel released Scrabble Trap Tiles, which you can think of as a Scrabble and Stratego crossover. Players place trigger and trap tiles on special spaces, and a word played on this space can set off special abilities like stealing points or removing tiles…or scoring extra points.

• In 2023, U.S. publisher Solis Game Studio will introduce two new titles in its Pocket Paragons card game series from Brian McKay: Space Lion and Acquisitions Incorporated.

Each Pocket Paragons box contains several characters, and to play the game each of the two players takes a character from any box, along with their seven unique cards. On a turn, each player simultaneously reveals a card, then depending upon what’s revealed, characters take damage, have their card canceled and sent back to their hand, or are defeated.


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