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Spielworxx to Launch “The Ryan Courtney Collection” in 2024

by W. Eric Martin

German publisher Spielworxx has announced that starting in 2024, it will begin a new line of games titled “The Ryan Courtney Collection”, Ryan Courtney being the designer of said games.

To date, Courtney has had three games published — Pipeline (2019), Curious Cargo (2020), and Bear Raid (2022) — with U.S. publisher Bitewing Games having crowdfunded Trailblazers in 2022 for release in mid-2023. Here’s most of Spielworxx’ press release about this line:

Slated for a yearly release schedule, this numbered series of games will allow Ryan to loosen the reins and push the boundaries with his designs while building on Spielworxx’s impressive 13 year history catering to the indie game audience.

“I’m very excited to work with Ryan on several of his designs,” says Blennemann, Spielworxx’ CEO. “Ryan is one of the most talented designers in the tabletop space. In addition, he’s always willing to trot different paths, to try things differently. This hobby needs more ‘weirdness’.”

“Uli reached out and basically said I make high quality weird and proposed a partnership that would allow me to really lean into that. Spielworxx is a company I’ve wanted to work with since I started designing games so obviously this is a dream opportunity I could not pass up,” said Ryan Courtney.

Candice Harris passes along this detail from Courtney: “The first game slated for release is Autonomous. It’s a programming game where players are software engineers writing and running code to manage their robots and autonomous fleets.”

Ryan Courtney’s line-up circa 2023


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