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View The Starry Rift, and Discover New Looks for El Grande and Defenders of the Realm

by W. Eric Martin

• I already posted an El Grande-related item in February 2023, but now Polish publisher Lucky Duck Games has revealed a non-final cover of the new edition of El Grande that it will release in Polish before the end of 2023, with originating publisher Hans im Glück also releasing this new edition, of course.

• Speaking of Hans im Glück, in June 2023 it revealed a prototype of Karvi, which will debut in October. The game’s short description: “Will you choose trading or raiding? Take your Viking ship on an adventurous journey!”

• Designer Tom Lehmann has unveiled the cover of New Frontiers: The Starry Rift, while noting that this expansion that was first talked about publicly in 2019 still needs to be printed, shipped, etc., but “it looks to be on track for a Q4 2023 release”.

• If you’ve been gaming for a while, you might be familiar with Richard LauniusDefenders of the Realm, which Eagle-Gryphon Games released in 2010, then followed with more than twenty expansions large and small.

In 2024, Greater Than Games plans to release a re-vamped version of the game with co-design credit going to Matt Bender, Christopher Burton, Matthew Kroll, and Darrell Louder and a very different look to the game courtesy of Jacob Croft and Nolan Nasser.

Now featuring less Elmore

Even so, Defenders of the Realm: Legends Retold, which will be crowdfunded on BackerKit, features a setting and storyline familiar to anyone who’s played the original game:

The fiends of old have risen again! The goblin king Gri rallies his horde. Deianira, the lich queen, raises the dead. Cultists reawaken the ancient frost dragon Sapphire. The demon lord, Azzoz, sends his imps to curse the land. They all push toward the stronghold of Monarch City.

The king has put out a call for the heroes of the realm to take up arms and push back the encroaching darkness.

Defenders of the Realm: Legends Retold is a fresh take on the co-operative fantasy classic. Be the heroes who adventure together across the land to destroy the forces of darkness. The game features six unique heroes, each with a unique deck as well as variable player powers. Manage your hand as the more cards you play, the more resources you give to the enemy. Save Monarch City from crushing hordes of goblins, kobolds, skeletons, and demons and the generals that command them.


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