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What I’m Looking Forward to at SPIEL ’22; How About You?

by W. Eric Martin

SPIEL ’22 opens on October 6, and Stephen Cordell and I have been racing to put the finishing touches on BGG’s SPIEL ’22 Preview, although such things are never finished as much as done. At a certain point, updates no longer make sense, with that point being the end of this week, or perhaps the moment I step on the airplane to Germany, or perhaps once the show opens. We’ll see!

At this moment, the SPIEL ’22 Preview features:

And while I’m loathe to disturb that symmetry, we undoubtedly will, possibly within minutes of me posting this item.

I’ve created a short video about the SPIEL ’22 Preview, how to use some of its features — namely (1) how to use the pulldown menu to sort the listed titles in various ways and (2) how to use the filters and priority tagging (Must Have, Not Interested, etc.) to better see what you want to see.

I also talk about my picks for SPIEL ’22, which generally consists of card games, abstract strategy games, and co-operative party games. You can see all of my picks here.

You can generate a list like this yourself! Once you prioritize titles as “must have” or anything else, you’ll have a link like this in the bottom right of the black info box at the top of the page:

Click that link, and you open a separate window showing all of your picks. This link even shows undecided and “not interested” picks, so if you don’t want to show those, open the filters, uncheck undecided and not interested, then click APPLY. Voilà!

Feel free to share your link in a comment below or on social media. Maybe you’ll find others with similar tastes, or just introduce someone else to a game that excites you that they haven’t heard about. You’re probably not lacking for interesting-sounding games, of course, but I just like seeing what others are excited about, even if we don’t share the same tastes. Excitement equals hope, something you’re looking forward to, something you want to share with others.

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